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There are two types of people in this world:

  1. Those who hope things will get better on their own.

  2. Those who take steps to make things better.

There’s no point in debating the ins-and-outs of this. People are a product of their experience, and aren’t responsible for how this world has shaped them.

But I’m here for Type 2. I’d love to work with Type 1 as well, but I can’t reach them.

I have a pretty simple approach to business, home life and everything else. I don’t compare myself to others and I don’t worry about what I can’t change; that leaves me with the time, mental bandwidth and emotional resources to make the things I can change much better.

Is that you? Then I’m here for you.

If you’ve got the skills to do a job, I’ve got the skills to communicate that and – what’s more – teach you how to communicate it too.

Because there are problems out there, you can solve them, and people will pay you to do so. But that’s worth nothing if they can’t see your value.

So I set up Shewbridge Coaching to provide the tools and the guidance people need to get the best jobs possible. Take a look at the Services page to see what that looks like.

Matt Shewbridge

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